DayJoy thinks about the necessities of its Independent Distributors to relax up and recognized the life by visiting ousted spots. Right when an Independent Distributor accomplishes the Leadership Level of Additional Senior Director (ASD), DayJoy Compensation Plan rewards, for example, Independent Distributors with Travel Fund. For this Dayjoy Compensation Plan contributes 1% of the Company’s incomparable BV turnover in a specific time table month. The improvement support is paid to all the Additional Senior Directors or more Leadership Level achievers as referenced underneath:


1 Additional Senior Director Upto Rs. 15000/ –

2 Chief Senior Director Upto Rs. 25000/ –

3 Executive Senior Director Upto Rs. 40000/ –

4 Vice President Upto Rs. 50000/ –

5 Additional Vice President Upto Rs. 60000/ –

6 Executive Vice President Upto Rs. 70000/ –

7 Senior Vice President Upto Rs. 80000/ –

8 President Upto Rs. 90000/ –

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